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A List of Fictional Ladies → River Tam

I remember everything. I remember too much.

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favourite movie characters:→ RIVER TAM (Summer Glau) → Serenity.

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As seen in a London Underground Tube station


As seen in a London Underground Tube station

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I was wondering if you would have liked to see her meet somebody she could have had a serious relationship with, is that something you were hoping for, a kind of possibility…

Summer: Yes I’ve always visioned in the sequel that she would have her own ship and she would have her own business. She would be a business-owner and she would be in love. Everybody has their person, I’m sure River would have found hers in the sequel.

*General OOOOH*

Sean: What kind of business?
Summer: Jewelry making …………. and crime.

Firefly Panel - DragonCon 2010 [x]

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